Katja Ruge

Katja Ruge is a photographer & artist (as well as a DJ and music producer) from Hamburg and her photos are shown on our electronic displays until late summer 2022. It is planned to show them inside as the project grows and continues. More info about Katja and her work: https://katjaruge.de/electriclights

„The overwhelming success and responses of my photo exhibition „Ladyflash“ underlined the importance of making the energy and power of today’s women visible and accessible. This was the incentive for „Electric Lights – Women in Electronic Music“, my current photo project in cooperation with writer Thomas Venker (who takes care of the interviews and publishes the editorials on his website Kaput – Magazin für Insolvenz & Pop.
The project is meant to shine a spotlight on women in electronic music, showcasing their passion, experiences and unique artistic perspectives with my photography and their words. In electronic music we see right now a huge revolution happening and finally the world is realizing how many exceptional female artists there are.
Now more than ever, it’s time to showcase empowered women, to inspire the new generations to contribute to art, music, photography, fashion and graphics – and thus to empower themselves. I’m very happy that MOMEM decided to give the project a spotlight and that these artists are now front and centre in the museum, where they belong.
Every session for „Electric Lights – Women in Electronic Music“ is planned and worked out together with the artist. I loved each session and feel honored to meet and portray all these super talented women.“ (Katja Ruge „Electric Lights – Women in Electronic Music“)